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papatya, anonymous crisis shelter for girls and young women with a migration background

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We are a crisis shelter and offer help and protection to girls and young women who want to flee from home and are afraid that their families will come after them and threaten them.

You can contact us, if:

  • you are put under pressure by your families who, for example, don’t allow you to leave the house or attend school
  • you are threatened by a forced wedding or if you have been married
  • you have experienced violence in the name of what is often called „honour“
  • you are pregnant and nobody must know
  • your family doesn't accept your sexual orientation
  • you suffer from mistreatment or sexual violence
  • you are afraid that your family will send you to their home country against your will


We were founded 30 years ago and in these years more than 1,800 girls and young women have lived here in our anonymous crisis shelter.

In our shelter you will find Turkish, Kurdish and German social workers and a psychologist: one of them is always present – 24/7.

If you are between 13 and 21 years old, we can take you in. If you are underage, the youth services will take care of you first and then contact us on your behalf.

On the phone we will speak with every girl about whether they can be accepted and we explain our rules.

Together with you and in cooperation with the youth services we will develop a solution that fits you and your life.

This could mean returning to parents or relatives, moving into assisted shared accommodation or assisted single living. If you don’t feel safe in Berlin, we can find accommodation outside of Berlin as well.

IYou can contact us:

Mindener Straße 14
10589 Berlin-Charlottenburg

phone +49 (0)30 - 61 00 62

and/or  the Municipal  Youth service,
or you write to:



raus hier