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Land Berlin

Rheinland-Pfalz Ministerium für Arbeit, Soziales, Gesundheit, Familie und Frauen

Land Brandenburg, Ministerium für Arbeit, Soziales, Gesundheit und Familie

Europäische Union

Papatya is a member of:

Diakonie, Berlin, Brandenburg, schlesische Oberlausitz

Papatya is member of the european network WAVE (Women Against Violence Europe)

Europäische Union

papatya, anonymous crisis shelter for girls and young women with a migration background
Mädchen mit Mütze Mädchen mit Kopftuch lachendes Mädchen Mädchen mit Kaffetasse lachendes Mädchen Mädchen mit Schleier


PAPATYA cooperates nationwide with youth welfare institutions, women’s shelters, pedagogically supervised accommodation projects for underage girls and young women and  crisis shelters but also with specialised telephone help lines to help girls who are at risk of forced marriage and violence in the name of honour.

Many of these partners participate in the Federal Specialist Conference against Forced Weddings (Bundesfachkonferenz gegen Zwangsverheiratung, BuKo) that meets once a year.
Standards für Kriseneinrichtungen – 2009 (pdf)

In 2001 an initiative by PAPATYA resulted in the founding of the Berlin Working Group against Forced Marriage 
(Berliner Arbeitskreis gegen Zwangsverheiratung): in regular meetings personnel working in women’s and girls’ projects, schools, youth services, migrant services and other institutions coordinate measures against forced weddings, activities aimed at awareness raising and the exchange of expertise. The working group also publishes the informational brochure „Zwangsverheiratung” (Forced Weddings)

Infobroschüre Zwangsverheiratung

This brochure intends to inform girls and women who are directly affected by or at risk of a forced wedding and the people who are in contact with them (friends, neighbours, teachers, doctors) about possible forms of support and assistance.