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in the name of honour/
Forced marriage
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papatya, anonymous crisis shelter for girls and young women with a migration background
Mädchen mit Mütze Mädchen mit Kopftuch lachendes Mädchen Mädchen mit Kaffetasse lachendes Mädchen Mädchen mit Schleier

Our work is mostly paid for by public contributions, but this is not sufficient to cover the costs of our shelter PAPATYA or the online counselling service SIBEL, let alone to initiate new projects or to support directly those girls who due to their flight from home are now in financial difficulties.

We are grateful for your donation!

Donation account PAPATYA:

Bank no.       10020500
Account no.   3347800
IBAN:            DE82 1002 0500 0003 3478 00
BIC               BFSWDE33BER

We are a registered charity and can provide donation receipts that are tax deductible.