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European Union

The EU instigated the
DAPHNE III program
(2007-2011) to prevent and fight violence against children,
youths and women and to protect victims and groups
at risk.

papatya, anonymous crisis shelter for girls and young women with a migration background
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Since 1997 PAPATYA has been part of a number of EU DAPHNE programs with a specific focus on improving the protection of girls and women with a migration background from domestic violence, forced weddings and honour-related violence in Europe.

We have found that a shelter such as PAPATYA is a rarity, not only in Germany but also in all of Europe, even though many NGOs have clearly identified a need for such protective spaces.

Since then we have been cooperating with NGOs all over Europe that offer counselling and protection for young migrants. We are invited as experts to international conferences and have hosted a number of large conferences in Berlin with speakers from several European countries ourselves.

Our partners work in Sweden, Finland, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus and Turkey.

Since 2011 PAPATYA has been the beneficiary of EU funding for the following projects

  • as project partner in the Daphne project “Human Rights in Practice” (since January 2016)
  • as project partner in the “Flying Team against violence”
  • as project partner in the project “3Ps – Prevention, protection, persecution”
  • as project execution body for the project “Sheroes” (completed)
  • as project partner in the Daphne project “A-Z to safety” (completed) (since January 2015)
  • as project partner in the Erasmus+ project “Professionals and Youth in Partnership ” (since September 2014) (completed)