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papatya, anonymous crisis shelter for girls and young women with a migration background

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Modern SheroesModern Sheroes (pdf) Mai 2014

Since 1986 Papatya has helped young women in emergency situations and assisted them on their journey to leading self-determined lives. We have often wondered what has become of them. This is why we contacted them and asked what happened to them after they had left Papatya. In this book, we want to tell some of their stories.


Girls’ Statements

“I would like to thank you for taking me in and giving me a home. You were there for me during the worst time of my life, now I have to stand on my own two feet.” 
Mehtap, 17 years


“You have helped me to find my own way and to develop what was positive about me ”       
Funda, 16 years


“You do a good job and help us girls really a lot. Every normal person would lose it, but you stay quiet even when we are really chaotic again.”
Esma, 18 years


“The months with Papatya were the most helpful ones in my life. In the beginning I was shy, but here I became self-confident and was able to find out about my other sides and also to show them.”    
Edita, 17 years


“Thank you for always having an open ear for me at Papatya, I will never forget the time with you.”                   
Özlem, 19 years


“I really blossomed here after all the stress at home!”  
Selma, 17 years


“In spite of all my moods, you have always supported me. In this time you have become my surrogate family.”             
Leyla, 18 years


“I always thought that angels only existed in dreams. But now I know, angels not only exist in dreams, because the greatest angels I know I have met during my life with you. And I have understood, not only those with wings are angels: there are also people whose wings are invisible.”                      
Alina, 16 years


“… For me Papatya is the best home that exists on earth! Here I have slept, laughed, cried. Thank you for everything...

Ladies, now to you... Hats off to you! I have great respect for you and accept you just as you are. Show you parents and society that girls that run away are not sluts and robots that let themselves be oppressed! OK? Make your way, never look back, always focus on what you have achieved and look ahead, but don’t run against a lamp post!...”
Filiz, 17 years


“... Berlin, this is the city that I have lived in for the last six years and that I have to leave, rather flee, now as my parents and parents-in-law have sentenced me to death. This forces me to go far away, to a city that is strange to my, where I am a stranger! But where I will surely find protection and safety.

Berlin will not be able to provide me with any safety for my further life. I will walk amidst strangers, all alone and all by myself. I take this step because I want to shape my life and my future according to my own ideas.

I have spent a lot of time with Papatya and almost felt at home, that is how good I have felt here. Thank you very much, dear Papatya-team. My time here couldn’t have been better. I wish all the girls who will find refuge here in the future all the best. I personally know that I will find my inner peace and satisfaction, once I have achieved my goal: an independent and free life! I will make it, think positive and you will make it, too!”
Ramiza, 18 years


“...I will miss you all very much, from the first day I was here, I felt as if this was my second home and that is what it was. I felt myself part of a real family that I never really had. You were there for me when I needed someone, you did so many things with us and all problems, personal things and whatever bothered me, one could always speak with you about it....”
Elif, 15 years



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