You love each other and don’t know how it could continue?

  • Are your families against your relationship?
  • Do you have to keep your love secret so that nothing bad happens?
  • Does the family of your partner not accept you?
  • Are you being forced to end the relationship? Are you being threatened?
  • Are you being threatened with a forced marriage or engagement?
  • Do you want to run away together but don’t know where to?

We advise couples, whose situation appears hopeless. We can give you tips on how you can protect each other. Together with you we can look for and work out your possibilities and try to help you.


Others have already been advised

Dear Advice Service, I am German, 26 years old. My girlfriend is Turkish. Two years ago, she was forced to marry a Turkish man. In the meantime, he has come to live in Germany but they do not live together because it did not work out right from the beginning. The divorce is now underway and we love each other with our whole hearts. Her parents will never accept that she has a German boyfriend. We have been together for over a year have to hide to see each other. I also think that it could be dangerous for both of us if she stands up against her family. What should I do? So far, I have not received any good suggestions, as no-one has any relevant experience. Could you help me?


Hallo, my name is Olga and I am writing in the name of my boyfriend Ahmed. I don’t know whether this page only helps women? Or also men? In our case it is like this: we (me German, he Palestinian) have been a couple for two years and it was in fact not a problem for the family. At least they acted that way. Then he went on a family visit to Lebanon and I did not hear from him for two months. He was married to cousin there. When he wanted to run away, he was threatened with violence and also that they would do something to me. Now he is back in Germany and is supposed to bring his “wife” here. He does not want to do that, we want to stay together but he is afraid that something will happen to me, if he now leaves his family. We do not know what we should do. Where should we go? Have you got any ideas?


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