You’re looking for help

  • because you are kept against your will in the country your parents came from
  • because you are told to marry somebody against your will
  • because someone took away your passport and your mobile phone
  • because you are locked up and threatened somewhere abroad

Maybe there is help at hand!

On this website, you will find important information and ideas on how you can change your situation. Please note: Our possibility to support girls, who do not have the German nationality OR have/had a German residence permit is very limited.

Do you have limited time on the internet? Than contact us directly and send us information about your situation.

Be discreet and don’t rush things!

Your safety is what is most important! Don’t do anything which can make your situation even more dangerous.

  • Don’t get caught when you are secretly looking for help on your mobile or computer. Pay attention to our hints on how to browse anonymously
  • Dress, behave and do what your family demands of you. Don’t quarrel with you family and do not let them find out that you are searching for help.
  • Try to buy time. When you are supposed to get married, try to prevent or delay the wedding. Once you are married, you will not be able to leave some countries without your husband’s consent.
  • Be patient – it can take weeks to organise your return.
  • It’s important to plan well ahead when fleeing abroad. Wait until there is a really good opportunity.
  • Never run away unprepared – this could endanger your life. For example, never go spontaneously to an embassy or to the local police. Your family could get hold of you or the authorities could send you back them. Such spontaneous actions could be the reason that you are under surveillance even more or get punished.

What you can do

You are in a very difficult situation, stuck abroad against your will. But don’t panic!

It is very important that you think about every step you take and read our tips on what to do. Every case is different, every country has different laws and only you can guess what your parents might do.

To help you to understand what steps might be helpful in your situation we have prepared an emergency plan on how to return. Take your time reading it and prepare yourself.

Emergency return plan

1. Stay inconspicuous!

When your family find out that you have secretly contacted someone for help, your situation could get worse. You could be locked up or only be allowed to leave the house with someone accompanying you. They could take away your telephone or your laptop. Better try to adapt to the situation and stay inconspicuous. This will improve your chances to prepare you flight and return.

2. Take care that you can access the web

You can send text messages via the web to contact people who can help you. Delete all traces you have left in the web! For this you can change your browser settings to private browsing.

3. Find out where you are

You have to find out the exact location where you are and figure out how to get to the nearest city, to an aid organisation, to your Embassy etc.

4. Get your passport and save some money

5. Find out about local support

In some countries there are people or organisations that can help you. An Embassy can assist you, too. Contact them beforehand, so that you don’t end up in front of closed doors or get sent back. This could make your situation worse.

6. Be patient and don’t rush things!

In order to achieve your goal, you need good planning and stamina. Don’t endanger your safety by doing anything rash!

7. Make contact with us!

Each case is different and we cannot always guarantee a return. But: We can, with you, look for helpers in the country in which you are, for example in the German embassy and/ or in women’s organisations. We can involve the police, your school, the Youth Office or the Jobcenter, if you are in agreement. Moreover, we can help you after a return to look for a safe place to live in Germany.

We do everything in consultation with you and nothing without your OK. If you contact us, we make contact with you as soon as possible – and always within 72 hours – to look together for a way out.

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