Fight against abduction!

Again and again, girls and young women are taken against their will to the countries their families came from and are forced into marriage. If you feel in danger or if you are an outsider but you notice something unusual, do something!

I am being kept abroad against my will
I’m afraid to be left behind or forced to marry while on holiday

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#GetHelp – Campaign against forced marriage and abduction

The new prevention video #GetHelp encourages everyone, who is threatened by forced marriage and abduction, to get help early enough! Take a look at Jasmin’s story!
PAPATYA thanks the director Gabriel B. Arranhio, the actors, the team of CZAR, the soccer girls from Türkiyemspor Berlin e.V and the HEROES Berlin for their cooperation.

Don’t just look away when a girl is abducted!

No girl must ever just simply disappear without no questions asked!

If you think that your friend or a girl you know is forced to stay abroad, then you can do something: contact us or anyone else you trust.

Teachers and social workers also notice when a girl does not return to school after the summer holiday. We can counsel you as to how to best help a girl in need.

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Important information

The Papatya coordination centre against abduction and forced marriage offers counselling and support for girls and young women with a migration background who

  • are afraid that they will be taken abroad against their will.
  • fear that, once abroad, they will be forced to get married.
  • are already abroad and forced to stay there against their will.

You have rights, even when you are in a foreign country. Parents are not allowed to do whatever they want.

There are people who can help you. Find out who you can contact.