Queer and your parents must not find out?

  • You are homosexual or you feel as if you are in the wrong body and have to keep your feelings secret?
  • You want to come out and finally be accepted as you are?
  • Your family thinks that you are sick or possessed by the devil?
  • Since it has become known that you are gay, lesbian or transsexual, are you being controlled?
  • Your family would marry you off or do something to you if they knew what is going on inside you?
  • You are being threatened and followed and do not know how you could live anonymously?
  • You cannot stand it anymore and want to find a way out?

You have the right to your own body, your own sexuality and your own way of life! Your family is not allowed to make you do what they want or to form your ideas and plans. You are ok as you are!

Do you need someone to talk to or would you like to get information from an experienced advisor? Write to us! Together we will try to sort out your thoughts and to find solutions.


Others have already been advised

Dear Sibel-Advisor, I am 21 years old, am Yezidi and love a woman. Even as a child I noticed that I was different to most of the other girls. But I also knew then that something like that could not be so in my family and was not accepted by we Kurds. So far, I have convinced myself, that it will pass by. That is until I fell in love with my current girlfriend. I am getting really frightened as my mother is slowly expecting me to get married. I know I must leave my family but I don’t know how to do that. Can you help me, so that I can finally be free to live with my girlfriend?


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