Your Rights in the Case of Forced Marriage and Abduction

  • You have the right to age-appropriate development of your personality, freedom and privacy. You have the right to an upbringing without drugs, compulsion and violence!
  • No-one is allowed to force you to marry against your will. You alone can decide whether and when you get married. You have the right to say NO! Even if you are a minor, your parents are not allowed to decide for you.
  • In Germany forced marriage is forbidden by law. If it comes to a court case (which only happens if you wish it), your parents can be punished for this.
  • A family can also be punished in Germany for the preparation and carrying out of a forced marriage.
  • Abduction is forbidden. No-one is allowed to take away your identity documents in order to keep you abroad or to imprison you. Your parents are not allowed to prevent you from continuing your school education in that they take you to another country against your will.
  • You have the right to get help, if you are married against your will or are abducted abroad.
  • Child protection laws provide that minors in danger, no matter of which nationality, can be supported by the Youth Office and taken into their care and housed a safe place.

Your Rights Abroad

Note! Each case if different!

The legal possibilities of getting you back to Germany depend on the laws in the country of origin of your family. Your age, your nationality or your residency status also play a role. Parents often have more power abroad than in Germany.

Therefore, we have to clarify your situation together in order to find a way out.

Legal Help

Sometimes you need a lawyer to enforce your interests. From 14 years of age you can consult a lawyer in order to enforce your rights. Here you will find the forms that can help you:

  • In order for a lawyer to able to act on your behalf and as necessary take legal steps for you, she needs a power of attorney filled out and signed. Form “Power of Attorney”
  • If it comes to a court case, in which you are not able to be present, your lawyer can present an affidavit, which must be filled out and signed instead of your personal statement. Form “Affadavit”

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