Are you looking for a way out?

  • Are you being hit and insulted?
  • Does your family not trust you and try to control you all the time?
  • Are you being threatened by your family? Will something terrible be done to you?
  • Do you feel imprisoned in your home and are not allowed to go out?
  • Do you have no freedom? Are there lots of rules for example about school education, clothing or friends?

No-one is allowed to hit you, threaten you or control you! You have the right to age appropriate expression of your personality, freedom and privacy. If it is not like this in your home, you have the right to protection.

Get help. We will support you and take you and your worries seriously. Together we will look for a way out.


Others have already been helped in this way

I am 20 years old and come from an Albanian family, which is very conservative. I am being put under pressure at home and feel like a slave. My brothers are allowed to do anything and order me about. I have put up with this for a long time because I love my family but now, I have had enough. I cannot go on anymore and want to get out of here but I can’t do it by myself. My family knows a lot of people and I am really afraid that they will look for me. If they find me, they will do something to me because I have wounded their honour. Can you help me?


Hallo, I am Turkish, 17 years old and no longer enjoy my life. My father threatens me that he will kill me if I bring disgrace upon the family. He thinks I have to marry a Turkish man and only one who he likes. I am not allowed to have a boyfriend, to stay out late and I am constantly phoned and asked where I am. I have a secret boyfriend. My father would kill me if he found out about it. I am often hit and intimidated and so I was always bad at school. Now I have a job. I would love to live in a completely different town where my family would never find me. I want to be free and to go out and have fun just like other young people of my age. I am afraid that my father would find me. I just want to get away and live. What should I do? I just want to be myself.


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