The online advise service SIBEL

Our online advice is anonymous, confidential and free. We offer advice and help for girls and young women, LGBTI*Q and couples, who have problems with their families. In addition, we advise professionals and private helpers, who want to support those affected. We advise in the German, English and Turkish languages.

In particular we advise on…

… forced marriage

… control, threats and violence

… when you feel different


… couples who are not allowed to love each other

… profesionals and private helpers


We are there for you. Make contact with us and tell us about your situation. Together we can find a solution.

Is the situation for you at home unbearable? Do you need a safe place where you can get some peace? Then find out about our crisis organisation. We take girls and young women from 13 to 21 years old.

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#GetHelp – Campaign against forced marriage and abduction

The new prevention video #GetHelp encourages everyone, who is threatened by forced marriage and abduction, to get help early enough! Take a look at Jasmin’s story!
PAPATYA thanks the director Gabriel B. Arranhio, the actors, the team of CZAR, the soccer girls from Türkiyemspor Berlin e.V and the HEROES Berlin for their cooperation.

Sibel Kekilli is the patroness of the online advise service SIBEL

In 2004 the team from PAPATYA set up the online advise service SIBEL. At the same time Sibel Kekilli became famous through the film “Head-On”. We chose the name SIBEL because we were impressed with her strength and courage. It is a name that stands for empowerment and self-determination. Today, 13 years later we are very pleased that Sibel Kelkilli supports our online advise service officially with her name.

To go my own way still costs me a lot of courage and strength. Every day. This culture in which I was born is full of treasures, full of wonder. But – it can be merciless. Girls and women who use all their courage to overcome opposition to go their own way, often lose not only their own family but also public respect and live in the society without protection.

Speech on International Women’s Day at Bellevue Palace on 06.03.2015

I support the online advise service SIBEL and the team from PAPATYA in their important work of helping and advising girls and young women on their way to a free and self-determined life.

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