Helpers also need help

  • Are you worried about someone with problems in the family?
  • Is a friend going to be married against her will?
  • Do you know someone who is supposed to be taken abroad?
  • Are you helping a young man, who is supposed to be forcibly married?
  • Is a schoolgirl being put under pressure, threatened or controlled by her family?
  • Are you working with young people and are looking for collegial advice?

We can advise you! No-one can know everything. Together we can consider what possibilities there are and how to support the people concerned.

Sometimes young people do not dare to get help, even when advice is available. Helpers can be a bridge to advisory services.


Others have already been advised

Hallo, my colleague from Kosovo is being tyrannised and hit by her father and that at 22 years of age. Her boyfriend asked for her hand but her father rejected him because they had had text message contact. He calls her a slut and beats her. He has taken her mobile phone away and she is followed every step she takes. He has already threatened her that he will kill her if she tries to run away. She has to give all her money to her family. She is very confused and does not see any way out. I have enquired with the police. If no-one makes a formal complaint, the police cannot do anything. I do not wish to – and cannot – just stand by doing nothing and I am afraid that blood will be spilt. What can I do?


Dear ladies, a young woman, 19 years old, Afghan origin, was seriously beaten up by her father for a recent event. In addition, she experiences many forms of daily violence and humiliation. There has already been a case of honour killing in the family. The young woman will be excused from school tomorrow in order to come to me for an advisory consultation. What must I take into account to ensure the protection of the woman? Which institutions for protection can you recommend in the Federal Republic of Germany? Can you please tell me if the young woman can come to you directly and if you are the right advisory place for her?

Schulsozialarbeiterin aus Süddeutschland

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