Forced marriage has many faces:

  • Is your family forcing you to marry someone you don’t love?
  • Were you not even asked if you wanted to marry?
  • Are you still a minor? Do you feel too young to marry?
  • Do you have a boyfriend, but are supposed to marry someone else?
  • Are you being put under pressure to consider potential husbands?
  • Have you already been forced to marry someone against your will? Are you not allowed to get divorced?

No-one is allowed to force you to marry against your will!
Forced marriages and marriages between minors are forbidden in Germany. You alone must decide whether and who you marry. You have the right to say NO! No religion or culture in the world justifies forced marriage.

We will support and advise you. Together we will look for a solution.


Others have already been helped in this way

Hallo, I have a big problem. My mother is forcing me to get married to my cousin. I don’t want to get married but nevertheless she is insisting against my will. I am only 16 years old and much too young to get married. I want to go to a girls’ house in another part of Germany so as to be safe from my family. I don’t want any contact to anyone in my family anymore. I spoke to the school social worker yesterday. She thinks I have to let the Youth Office know because I am not an adult. I am afraid that the Youth office will tell my mother. She must not find out that I want to run away. If my family finds out that I want to leave home, what might they do to me? What should I do?


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