Our projects

PAPATYA regularly sets up projects for the target groups of girls and women with refugee and migration backgrounds, who are affected by domestic violence. The focus issues of our projects are and have always been the improvement and maintenance of protection from domestic violence, violence in the name of honour, forced marriage and abduction.

Since 1997 PAPATYA has been involved in improving the DAPHNE programmes of the European Community for the protection and help for the target groups within the EU.  Still today the protection institution PAPATYA is still a rarity not only in Germany but in the whole EU although many NGOs see the protection centres as urgently needed. In the context of the EU projects we, as experts, have held and spoken at a range of conferences in Berlin, which have included participants from the EU.

We cooperate with NGOs throughout Europe, which offer advice and protection for girls and women with refugee and migration backgrounds. Our cooperation partners work in Sweden, Finland, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus and Turkey.

Overview of our Projects



The Project “Ways out of forced marriage” provides materials for experts in Europe on prevention, protection and support in the case of forced marriage.


SHEROES – Together with those affected against violence in the name of honour


The Program “Democracy lives!” was supported by Papatya in the period from 2017-2019. Its focus was the empowerment of girls affected by family violence and the expansion of our counselling work.


HR in Practice – Human Rights as a part of language training to prevent HRV and harmful practices in the communities


This project focused on the prevention of violence in the name of honour and damaging practices through sensitisation and training measures.


Daphne-Projekt: „A-Z to safety“


The project “A-Z to safety” was focussed on the safety of girls and women. Injustices and violence, which are inflicted in the name of tradition and so-called “family honour” were to be combatted and prevented.


Professionals and Youth in Partnership


The project in the context of the European Union’s Erasmus+ Program aimed to bring together youth between 16 and 25 years of age as well as experts, to seek to develop common training methods and materials against violence in the name of “honour” and other dangerous practices.


Coordination Office against Forced Marriage and Abduction – supported by Aktion Mensch (Human Action)


In the context of this project the coordination office against abduction and forced marriage was set up as the first central contact point to offer transregional help to those affected.


3 Ps – Prevention, Protection, Prosecution


Girls and women of Kurdish, Turkish, Arabic, Persian or Afghan origin, who live in Great Britain were to be supported in defending themselves against honour-related violence and forced marriage.


Flying Team against Violence


With the “Flying Team” of the Netherland’s project leader Movisie, best practice models in the areas of protection from honour-related violence, forced marriage and abduction were presented by associations, organisations and decision-makers in politics and government organisations from the participating countries with the aim of promoting improvement in the protection of affected migrant women.


“SHEROES” – Strengthening Girls with Migration Background for a Self-determined Life


Many girls and young women from strongly patriarchal traditional families have great difficulty in determining their lives themselves. In particular, those affected from Turkish, Kurdish or Arabic backgrounds increasingly seek protection from violence in the name of honour, carried out by their own families.