Your rights in your family

  • You have the right to age appropriate development of your personality, freedom and privacy. You have the right to an upbringing without threats, coercion and violence!
  • Violence is legally prohibited. That goes also for your family. No-one is allowed to hit you! You family is not allowed to abuse you, imprison you, insult you, threaten you or humiliate you. You have the right to be treated with kindness and respect.
  • Your parents are not allowed to make decisions about your life without consulting you. You are allowed to choose your own friends and to decide for yourself how you dress. Your family is not allowed to control you all the time. They have to respect your privacy.
  • Your future belongs to you alone! No-one is allowed to stop you going to school or to decide which training or university course you take.
  • You are allowed to choose your own partner, regardless of his or her origin, religion or gender. You alone are allowed to decide on your sexual identity and orientation!
  • No-one is allowed to force you to marry against your will! You alone decide whether and who you marry. You have the right to say NO! Even if you are a minor, your parents are not allowed to decide for you.
  • In Germany forced marriage is prohibited by law. If it comes to a court hearing (which only happens if you want it), your family can be punished by the court.
  • Abduction is forbidden. Your family can be punished in Germany for the preparation and carrying out of a forced marriage abroad. No-one is allowed to take you to another country and to keep you there and lock you up.

You have the right to help if your family does not respect your rights!

How can you enforce your rights?

  • We can advise you online and anonymously. Contact us now and tell us about your situation. Together we will try to find a solution.
  • You can also go to an advice centre in person. Here you can find a list of specialised advice organisations in Germany.
  • The local Youth Office is there for minors and young adults. You can be advised (also anonymously) without your parents finding out. You can also take someone you trust with you.
  • Children and youths have to be supported by the Youth Office – regardless of which country they come from and how long they have been in Germany. If you are in danger, the Youth Office will take you to a safe place.
  • The Youth Office can place minors and young adults in group accommodation, where you are looked after by carers. Adult women can be placed in a women’s refuge or can find women’s accommodation with carers.
  • Girls and young women between 13 and 21 years of age can find protection in our anonymous crisis shelter PAPATYA.
  • You can reach the police in the case of attacks and emergencies on the Phone number 110.

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