Voices of previous residents

The months at PAPATYA were the most helpful in my life. At the beginning I was shy, but here I became self-confident and could learn about my other sides and show them.

Edita, 17 Jahre

From the first day I was with you, I felt good, as if it was my second home, and indeed it was that. I felt myself to be in a real family, which I had never really had. You were there for me when I needed someone.

Elif, 15 Jahre

In total, I was at PAPATYA for just over two months. If I had to say how I have changed, I would say that I have become stronger, more patient and freer. My hope for the future is that one day I can change what is expected of women in my culture. At PAPATYA I learned that women can do anything!

Yasmin, 16 Jahre

My Life, My Way

PAPATYA has helped girls and young women in emergency situations for over 35 years. We have often wondered what has happened to them after they left PAPATYA. Therefore, we have started to enquire with former residents how it went for them after PAPATYA. From that a book has emerged “My Life, My Way”, stories that give courage.

“My Life, My Way” gives six young women, who have done a lot to achieve their wish for freedom, the opportunity to tell their stories. All had to leave their families and today live the lives that they have themselves chosen. They let us participate in their experiences, the highs and lows and want to encourage all those, who still have this path in front of them.

Download the book as PDF here. (In German)

Books by Former Residents

Some former residents of PAPATYA have written their stories and published them as books. We can recommend the following two books:

In the book “I am a different person” (In German: “Ich bin eine Andere”), “Dilan S” tells about her way out of a violent family into freedom. With her story Dilan wants to encourage other young girls to fight for their freedom. Further information about the book and to read a trial section of the book can be found on the website of PIPER Verlags.

Under the name “Ayse”, a former resident tells of her escape from a forced marriage into a self-determined life in anonymity. The book is called “Scheherazades Daughter”(In German: “Scheherazades Tochter”)  and appeared in 2004 at Ullstein Verlag, where you can find further information.