German Embassies Abroad

If you have a German passport, the German embassy is responsible for you. But also if you have or had a valid residency permit in Germany, they can be helpful.

The Federal Republic of Germany has worldwide more than 200 German diplomatic missions. There is not a German embassy in every country; sometimes it is in a neighbouring country. In addition to the embassies, there is a Consulate General and other professional consulates, permanent representations and other diplomatic missions. Further, there are more than 350 voluntary Honorary Consuls.

Find out which German diplomatic mission is nearest to you and write down the address, opening times, telephone number and email address. You can work out the quickest route there using a route planner.

Never go spontaneously to an embassy. The embassy always needs time to work on your case and if necessary, get replacement documents. Try to phone first or make email contact. Sometimes it is helpful if we make contact with the embassy on your behalf. Make contact with us for that.