Support an affected girl

Helpers also need help.

No-one can know everything.

We advise professional and private helpers in cases of abduction and forced marriage.

If girls and young women are abducted and left abroad, they are sometimes cut off from any possibility to seek help. They are isolated and completely controlled. In Germany no-one notices hat she is missing. The parents de-register her from school or explain that she is happily married. These girls urgently need someone to notice that they are missing and to raise the alarm.

We want to be a focal point for their helpers. We try to gather information, to find out what has happened and what possibilities there are to support the girls.

Sometimes girls do not dare to get advice, even when the advice is available to them. Helpers can build a bridge in that they make the first contact and describe the situation from their point of view. We are also available for this.

How big the chances are of getting a young woman back to Germany have to be assessed in each individual case. It is almost always necessary for many different offices and authorities – at the places of residence in Germany and abroad – to work together, in order for this to be successful.