What happens when I am at PAPATYA?

At PAPATYA you will find protection from threats and persecution. In the safe apartment no-one will be able to find you and you first find some peace. Together with the staff we will seek a solution for you and your situation. In this PAPATYA works with the Youth Office and other responsible government agencies.

The solution for each resident is different. It is possible that you will be placed in a group apartment or a single apartment with staff caring for you. It is also possible that you can return to your parents or other family members if you want to do that. Sometimes a move to another town is necessary in order to be safe from your family.

In the crisis shelter you will get advice and help for all your worries including health, residency in Germany, school and further educational training. If you are still being persecuted, the staff will advise you about not giving information about yourself and living anonymously.