Coordination Office against Forced Marriage and Abduction – supported by Aktion Mensch (Human Action)

Project period: 2013-2016

In the context of this project the coordination office against abduction and forced marriage was set up as the first central contact point to offer transregional help to those affected.

The coordination office emerged from the experience, that we had had in our anonymous crisis centre and our online counselling service SIBEL. Many of the girls and young women who had come to us feared being abducted to their countries of origin by their parents and left there. Individual cries for help from abroad reached us by email and made clear the difficult situation of abducted youth and the need for specialised prevention and counselling work including across borders.

The content of the projects was the setting up of an information website so that those affected by abduction could make contact with the online counselling by PAPATYA quickly and easily. Since then the coordination office against abduction and forced marriage has been contactable at and