Protection from Family Violence for Girls and Young Women from the Islamic Cultural Area

Project period: 1997-1998

Our first EU project in the brand new Daphne Program of the European Commission: Papatya was the lead organisation.

Two staff members from Papatya visited protection centres in France, Netherlands and Turkey and spoke with colleagues there about our target groups and the possibilities to support and protect them.

Following that, 10 colleagues from abroad attended a five-day seminar in Berlin, inspected the crisis centre Papatya, the Berlin Youth Emergency Service as well as counselling centres and women’s refuges.

In conclusion an expert event was held with over 200 participants, whose conclusions were documented in a brochure.


Partner Organisations:

  • Germany: PAPATYA; Berlin
  • France: L’Abri Languedocien, Marseille
  • Netherlands: Saadet, Rotterdam
  • Turkey: Kadinin Insan Haklari Bilgi Belge Merkezi


Further information: