SHEROES – Together with those affected against violence in the name of honour

Project Period: 2017-2019

The Program “Democracy lives!” was supported by Papatya in the period from 2017-2019. Its focus was the empowerment of girls affected by family violence and the expansion of our counselling work.

The content of the project was the expansion of the target groups for online counselling to threatened LGBTI*Q, whose families do not accept their sexual orientation, or threatened couples, who are not allowed to love each other because of the cultural or religious values of their families. In addition, we conducted the following activities:

  • Renewal of the website for the online counselling service SIBEL
  • Questioning schools in Kreuzberg and Neukölln about their experience with abduction combined with an information campaign
  • #Gethelp – creation of a YouTube film and a campaign against forced marriage and abduction
  • “My Life, My Way – Stories, which give courage” – production of a brochure, in which six former residents of the crisis centre Papatya, speak and tell of their way into a self-determined life.
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