Project Period: 2020-2021

The Project “Ways out of forced marriage” provides materials for experts in Europe on prevention, protection and support in the case of forced marriage. The two-year EU project brings together partner organisations from Spain, Belgium, Germany and Greece. The aim is to make it easier for experts from various areas, who come into contact with cases of forced marriage for the first time, to be sensitised to the problem and to make it easier for those affected to get early access to the help system.

The project first establishes what are the current measures against forced marriage in the participating countries and the EU. Then in focus groups experts are able to share their experience with forced marriage and to assess the need for further education in various areas.

The project is developing the following work materials for experts: a video clip on forced marriage, which can, for example, be used in schools as an E-Learning course, to provide basic information about forced marriage and what can be done to avoid it.

A flyer summarises the most important facts and options for action.

A virtual reality tool gives a look at the situation of affected girls.


Leading organisation

  • University of Barcelona, Spain.


Partner organisations:

  • SURT Women’s Empowerment, Spain.
  • Diotime Center for Research of Women’s Issues, Greece
  • La Voix des Femmes, Belgium
  • PAPATYA, Germany.